Sunday, December 8, 2013

A Very Thankful Thanksgiving!

Hello dear friends!! Hope you all had wonderful Thanksgivings. We sure did!!! This post may be brief in words, but I think sum up our family holiday with some awesome pictures!!

A couple of months ago, Lindsey, PaPa Garry and I decided that we'd do whatever it took to finally get Killian to Kansas for Thanksgiving to meet the Lambert side of the family (and the hundreds of adoring prayer warriors he has) in Neodesha, KS.

Here was the plan... I (Aunt Layna) would fly to Nashville. We'd rent a minivan. We'd load up Uncle Todd, Richard (Lindsey's AHHHH-MAZING boyfriend), Lindsey, myself and Mr. Killian and drive the 10 hours to the southeast corner of Kansas. We'd spend the week. Then Dad (Papa Garry) and Kerr-Bear (our awesome 2nd mom/stepmom) would drive them back.

I can only imagine that traveling with a "healthy" toddler is daunting, but I definitely know traveling with Killian was! Not only did we have all of the normal luggage, but we had to also pack up 5 portable oxygen tanks, a portable concentrator, his regular concentrator, his IV pole, his formula, all his meds and so much more. 

Good news is- with some master packing skills from Grandma Val and PaPa Barry in Nashville, we got it all to fit. 

On Saturday morning... we hit the road! 

Killian was  TOTAL ROCKSTAR the whole time!! Aside from a minor "I'm going to pee on everything" incident at our first gas station stop, he was a perfect travel companion. He just watched Bubble Guppies the whole time, checked out the scenery and took a nap. Guys, I can't even begin to describe to you what a good baby he is!! 

We had to stop at Lambert's Cafe (yup! our last name!), home of the "throwed rolls" for lunch. Even though Killian still get most of his nutrition from his feeding tube, he let us all stuff our faces on good old comfort food. 

After 11 long hours, we were finally in Neodesha!! Again, Killian being the rockstar he is, got his own welcome sign at Pizza Hut (don't laugh-that's a big deal in Neody!!). 

As exhausted as we were, that night of course our whole family came over to meet our little miracle. So many tears had been shed and prayers prayed. It was overwhelming to see him get to meet his aunts, uncles, cousins and extended family! 

Papa Garry had more toys there for him than Christmas morning!
Especially his Spiderman 4 wheeler!
This is my Great Grandma Gerry! 
He's always happy to see Kerr-Bear!
Meeting his Uncle Ronnie who is from Alaska for the first time. 

Sunday morning sure was special...being able to take Killian to Dad and Kerry's church. It was such a blessing being able to present him to the congregation, worship the Lord as a family and watch him interact with so many people who love him!

Papa Garry introducing him to everyone. 

Always the perfect gentleman in church :)

Meeting Great Papa Dave and Ma Peg (Kerr-Bears Mom and Dad) 

The fun didn't stop there. Later in the week we took Killian to meet all the 3rd graders and awesome staff who were ALL wearing their Team Killian shirts at Kerr-Bear's school. They even made him a sweet welcome sign!! We sang lot of songs with them and they got a chance to ask questions and learn about other children with disabilities. 

Singing "If You're Happy and You Know It" makes him a very happy boy!!

We got the warmest welcome!
A trip to Neody wouldn't be complete if we didn't take Killian to Papa Garry's work- Cobalt Boats. They have been beyond supporting of our family through alllllll of Killian's highs and lows (even once giving Dad and Kerry the private company plane to fly and see Killian). Plus, when Killian was REALLY bad in the hospital, Dad promised him all kinds of presents if he'd get his Sats up... a four wheeler, a car, and of course a boat :)

Boats and Hose- get it!! B/c of his cannual!

We also took advantage of being all together and had some pictures snapped by a darling friend, Caitlin Posch (who took them for free). 

We're "showing our muscles" :)

Thanksgiving came way too quick, but could this little turkey be any cuter in his fancy bow tie???

We are just so incredibly blessed to not only still have Killian with us after he's been through so much, but to also have all of our incredible family and friends (that's you too!!) who have loved and supported all of us through it. 

Please don't stop praying for all of those other families who are fighting CDH tonight!! We still have a lot of awareness to raise. 

Love you all!
God Bless,
Aunt Layna